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Wales Climate Week 2023 home page banner - 4-8 December

Held annually in November, Wales Climate Week builds on the Conference of the Parties (COP) global climate change summit to encourage national and regional conversations on climate change. The event was established in 2019 in response to feedback from our stakeholders that talking about climate change is important”The event forms part of a broader programme of engagement activity set out in Climate Change – Welsh Government’s Engagement Approach 2022-2026’.

The week brings together Team Wales partners - from public sector bodies and networks, to industry bodies and businesses, environmental organisations, academic institutions, charities, third sector networks and community groups, accessibility networks and young people groups and networks - to consider how to collectively deliver policies and programmes associated with climate change.

The event forms a central component of our people-centred approach, and co-designing solutions to climate change through a process of involving a diversity of actors and sectors. It also promotes the cross-fertilisation of ideas between the public, private, academic and voluntary sectors who might not normally join together in conversation.

In 2019, the week took the form of a physical conference but from 2020 transitioned into a virtual conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to significant growth in the number of participants engaging in the event.​

Although the event is organised by the Welsh Government, the emphasis is on providing a platform for others to host events and share content. This is in recognition that good engagement and a collaborative approach with other national, regional and local delivery partners will bring forward many different perspectives. It will also be key to shaping and delivering many of the solutions that will be needed in realising the vision for a greener, stronger, fairer Wales.


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