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Wales Climate Week 2023 home page banner - 4-8 December

Let's Talk Climate Change:

“How do we tackle climate change in a fair way?”

Welcome to Wales Climate Week 2023, a pivotal event dedicated to the exploration of the theme of "fairness" in the context of climate change, where tackling and building greater resilience to climate change must be driven by the guiding principle of leaving no-one behind. 

This year’s event will examine the disproportionate impacts of climate change on different people, groups and places, and address how we can ensure that benefits associated with climate policies are distributed fairly across society.

What to expect:

  • In-depth analysis of climate fairness:

    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the disproportionate impacts of climate change on various communities,

    • Explore strategies for ensuring that the benefits of climate policies are distributed equitably across society.

  • Link climate action and cost of living:

    • Connect the dots between climate solutions and the cost-of-living crisis,

    • Improve your understanding of the barriers faced by industry and business, regions, communities and households across Wales, 

    • Hear about what action is already being undertaken to address barriers and explore other solutions needed in the future.

  • Be a part of the Just Transition movement:

    • This year’s programme of events will coincide with a Welsh Government consultation on a new ‘Just Transition Framework’, 

    • The consultation will hear views from as many people as possible, representing diverse viewpoints and involving those voices that might otherwise be unheard,

    • Discuss how we can mobilise others to get involved in shaping future strategy and policies via the new Just Transition Framework.


Key Dates:

Free Virtual Conference (4th _ 8th December 2023)

  • This is a free, open invitation event, where all are welcome to contribute to the climate conversation.

  • Especially relevant for those in public sector bodies, businesses and industry bodies, trade unions, voluntary groups, environmental organisations, charities, academic institutions, youth groups, equality networks, amongst others.

  • All sessions will be recorded, so if you register and miss a session, you will be able to watch it back on this website. 

  • Explore our 5-day virtual conference program here


Climate Conversations (4th December 2023 to 31st January 2024)

  • A structured programme of physical and virtual outreach events, to help build the evidence base and support the consultation on the new Just Transition Framework.


Events Calendar

If you are holding an open-invitation event to coincide with Wales Climate Week and would like us to promote it on our Events Calendar, then please send details by email to walesclimateweek@freshwater.co.uk